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Welcome to Sherwood forest

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Hi, I'm a young girl, with a few passions, like Nothern lights ( Oh dear God, how much I would like to see them!), old civizations as Egyptian mythology, Cinema, theatre, and photography. I like to take landscapes's pictures ( The sea, the sky, the moonlight, dawn and sunset...). I like also writting. I write poetry and novels. Maybe I'll show u some. I like sitcomes like Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Smallville, Grey's anatomy, private practice, but reccently, I discovered a passion for the new sitcom " Robin Hood " on BBC 2006. To me, this tv show's a clever one, and I always've a good time. There's a lot of humour, and funny stuffs. I like the romance between Marian & Robin, and Much, and all the lads. The sherif's the most funny bad guy I ever seen. Anyway, I like this show!!!

I don't know what to tell anymore. Oh yeah, My favourite movie director's Tim Burton. He did some great stuffs. He's really gifted.

Ok, I have to go. I may come back later to add a few things.

Hope you'll enjoy my LJ. Here you'll find icons, bans, blends, and walls, but I might add also videos, and polls.

Later my friends!